is fully operational.

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  • Donation Processing

    Donations are processing as normal on

  • Search

    The Search function is performing as expected.

  • Progress Bars & Matching Grants

    Progress Bars (thermometers) and Matching Grants are performing based on the schedules each organization's page administrator has set up through their dashboard.

  • Leaderboards & Golden Tickets

    Golden Tickets are being drawn according to the prize schedule. Leaderboards for registered organizations will be displayed only during Give to the Max.

  • Donor Email Receipts

    Donors are receiving confirmation emails that their gifts have been processed.

  • Page Editing

    Organization and campaign page administrators and peer-to-peer fundraiser page owners may make edits to their pages.

  • Donation Reporting

    You may view reports of donations through your dashboard.

  • Donor Accounts

    Donors may log in to their GiveMN Donor Accounts at any time and experience full functionality.

  • Site Security & Information Privacy

    As always, Site Security and Information Privacy protocols are in place.

  • Help Team

    The Mightycause Help Team is answering questions sent to during regular business hours.

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